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Aqua Flo Pump Specs

Aqua Flo pumps are usually available in various horsepower configurations including 1.5 hp, 2.0 hp, 2.5 hp, and 3.0 hp.
The pumps come standard with 2" inlets and outlets
in both frame sizes: 48 or 56 frame
There are one speed and two speed pumps at either
50 or 60 Hz.

There is also the Flo-MasterĀ® XP3 pump series which is a high performance pump series that utilizes 2 1/2 inch plumbing.

Pumps can help keep water clear

Poor water clarity may indicate the presence of contaiminants and bacteria
The filtration systems may not be working effectively to remove the particles and contaminants in the water.

Allowing water that is out of balance to circulate in a hot tub for prolonged periods of time can cause damage to pump seals and other hot tub components.

One of the best ways to get longer life out of a spa pump and related components is to keep the water clear, ph balanced and the filter clean.

Aqua Flo Hot Tub Pumps Canada

Hot Tub Pumps Canada spa pumpAqua Flo pumps are sometimes called Aquaflow or Aqua Flow pumps.

These pumps are now made by Gecko.


Aqua Flo pumps are made for North American operation at 60hz as well as international operation at 50hz.

Circulation pumps are also availble such as the circ master line. The new Circ-Master pump is a larger than average circ pump that delivers a better flow rate than the tiny circulation pumps in the hot tub industry.

48 frame, continuous-duty construction with front and rear, permanently lubricated ball bearings.


If pump replacement is required, many online vendors offer free shipping which is crucial on a heavy items such as a spa pump.

Hot Tub Pump ImpellerSometimes components such as impeller, pump seals, wires, start capacitors or even bearings can be replaced instead of having to swap out the entire pump.

Alternatively, either the wet end or the motor can be replaced, saving the other.

Waterway Pump Types include:
Viper, Executive (60hz and 50hz)
Hi-Flo Side Discharge, Center Discharge
Uni-Might, Iron Might, Tiny Might circ pumps.

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noisy hot tub pump

Noisy Pump Problems

If an Aqua Flow pump develops noise, it could be caused by many factors including a leak or other air pocket within the pump

Aqua Flo Hot Tub Pump Troubleshooting Steps

For those that are qualified to work on their own spa pump, isolating the problem is how pump issues can beresolved.

For safe resolution, assure the breaker is turned off and power is disconnected.

First of all if a problem with a pump occurs it needs to be confirmed, that the problem is really with the pump and not with the circuit breaker, GFCI or power supply.

If the pump motor does not start at all,
in addition to checking the circuit breaker, the wiring and power supply should be checked as well as the line voltage. There is also a pneumatic switch that may be turned off.

If the pump runs very hot, this may be a sign of insufficient voltage. This condition can also be caused by undersized wiring. If a very long wire run is used to supply the spa, then a thicker cable may be needed.

A poorly performing pump may also be a sign of low voltage, but also could indicate a clogged filter or clogged plumbing line or obstruction. Modifying plumbing and creating an undersized suction line condition could also result in a noisy pump. If plumbing pipes and hoses are not foamed down, they may vibrate also causing vibration and noise.

Pump isolation pads can mitigate some of the pump hum and vibration.

When replacing a hot tub spa pump, source a similar model as the spa manufacturer has already completed tests on which pumps are the most compatible with the plumbing system in the particular spa model.