Hot Tub Leak Repair Tips

First steps include finding the leak so that parts can be identified that need to be replaced.

It is especially difficult to find and repair a leak in a foam-filled spa. Many manufacturers used to make spas the old-school way of just blasting the cabinet full of foam insulation.

This creates the need to install a vent in the cabinet to avoid pump motors overheating and hence allows warmth to escape into the atmosphere, negating the reason for insulating the spa in the first place.

Finding a leak in a non-foam filled spa is easier by visual inspection.

Seeing where the water line settles can also give clues as to high high up the leak may be.

If the spa was left empty over the winter and was subject to freezing weather, then accumulated water near the bottom of the pipes or connectors could also have caused a pvc part to crack. Typical are cracked manifolds where water may accumulate that is not completely drained out when winterizing the spa.

Plumbing parts that may be needed include PVC elbows, connectors, pipe, hose, manifolds or other threaded pipe connectors.

When applying PVC glue, it is best practise to use a PVC primer on the part first to assure the best bond. The primer also helps clean the connection to avoid leaks.

Note: If the leak is small, we can send you a liquid Leak Repair to try. Simply follow directions on the bottle, pour the contents of the bottle in the spa (after removing the filter) and any small leak will be sealed without damaging pipes or plumbing. If you are in Canada and interested in getting a bottle (cost $25 plus shipping), you can email Limited stock available. (but it is worth a try and sure beats an expensive plumbing repair job) - Supplier of this Leak Seal Repair kit for spas has been in business over 11 years.

Hot Tub Plumbing

Spa Rubber DuckHot Tub Connectors

Hot tub connectors are available in the various sizes and shapes in order to match up two pipes or hoses within the hot tub plumbing.

hot tub water manifoldA hot tub water manifold is often used to route water from the spa pump to several different hoses or pipes that lead to the spa jets.

By using a manifold, the spa manufacturer assures equal pressure at all jets on that line as the water flow through the manifold is divided equally.

Hot tub plumbing replacement partsHot Tub Hose and Pipe

Hot tub hoses are available online and usually come in rolls.

Typical hose thickness is either 1 1/2 inch or 2 inch depending on the plumbing size. Some manufacturers mix plumbing within the same spa with some lines being 1 1/2 inch and other 2 inch. Smaller hoses are also used to feed individual jets or ozonator such as 1/2 inch or 3/4 inch. Hoses are available in clear tubing or opaque.


Hot Tubs CanadaHot Tub Plumbing Parts can be found online.

Hot Tub Plumbing Part Types

Spa FragrancesHot tub plumbing connectors come in a wide variety of sizes and types. When sourcing replacement plumbing parts, the first thing to know is the plumbing size where the connector is located. Common plumbing sizes are 1", 1 1/2" and 2" pipe and connectors.

Hot tub plumbing parts are usually made of PVC and require a PVC glue to connect to each other.

Certain PVC glues dry faster and are more ideal for hot tub use, especially when applying glue to the pressure side of the plumbing, which is the part of the hot tub plumbing that follows the pump in the water flow path.

This spa definitely has some leaks as it was not winterized properly. This spa type has hoses with mounting clips instead of using glue at those connections.