Plug n Play Spa Questions

What are the power requirements for the new "plug and play" portable spas?

Generally, plug and play spas operate on 110-120 volt household lines in North America and come complete with a GFCI mounted right on the power cord.

As the name implies, the spa is filled with water and simply plugged in to a dedicated outlet.

The term "dedicated outlet" means there is truly enough amperage on the line and the same line is not connected to the family washing machine and other major appliances.

Plug and Play spas typically have small heaters in order to work on 120v instead of the more robust and hard-wired 230 volt solution.

Many plug and play spas can also be converted to a 230 volt hard-wired system. This allows for a more powerful heater that can better heat the spa to temperature outdoors.

The main drawback to a plug and play spa is that the temperature may drop several degrees when the spa is in use outdoors as the heater may have trouble keeping up. The solution to this is simply to run the spa hotter and then it will naturally cool a few degrees during the session and still be warm.

The big workaround is to convert the plug and play spa to a fixed line running 230 volts, however this negates the simplicity and low cost attraction of a plug and play spa, since they can easily be plugged in and used without the need for an electrician.

Hot Tub Frequently Asked Questions

spa pack hot tub troubleshootingModern hot tubs are all very similar. They are mainly acrylic shells with jets that are powered by a pump or pumps which in turn is controlled by an electronic spa control pack and topside that has the hot tub heater built in.

There are various brands of hot tub components which spa manufacturers choose when assembling a hot tub. Here are some questions that are often asked about hot tub spa use, maintenance, troubleshooting and operation.

Hot Tub Questions

Q: How much does it cost to operate a hot tub?
A: Many factors are involved including whether the spa is located indoors or outdoors, regional electricity rates and the availability of lower rates at night when the spa can be set to heat.

Hot tub cover thickness is the single most important element to contain the heat as the heat from the hot water rises. Electrical costs are only part of the operation costs which also include chemicals, fragrance and other accessories as well as the replacement of covers and parts over the years as needed.

Hot Tubs are the next best thing to travelHot Tub Buying Question

Q: What should I be aware of when buying a hot tub online?

A: Buying a hot tub online can save hundreds and even thousands of dollars as the online stores do not have the overhead of traditional stores.

Take into account the reputation of the company behind the website. Read online reviews and take them with a grain of salt as glowing reviews can be placed by company representatives or associates and absurdly negative reviews may be placed by competitors and not real customers.

  • How long has the company been in business?
  • What is the product guarantee?
  • Are there any upsells or hidden costs in the price quoted?
  • What type of materials are used?

Hot Tubs CanadaHot Tub Spa Questions

Nature 2 Mineral StickQ: What size and type of hot tub should I purchase?
A: The size of a hot tub depends on how many different seating configurations you wish to enjoy in addition to the capacity to hold multiple guests
comfortably. Usually the search begins with deciding if you want a lounger or non-lounger version of a spa. Exterior dimensions do not tell the
full story, so also compare spa volumes as some manufacturers use false floors or pedestals to give a shallow tub a larger appearance.

A spa should be deep enough to cover the shoulders when you sit in the seats. Avoid spas with too many barriers in the seating as a simple slip
can lead to injury with jaggy edges portruding from seats that you can not see when the water is bubbling.

Q: What water chemistry issues should I consider?
A: The hot spa water requires a sanitizer such as bromine or chlorine to kill bacteria and avoid skin problems. Sanitizer works best in a limited
PH range, so the PH of the water must also be measured regularly (usually with east to read test strips) and adjusted to maintain 7.2-7.6 PH.

Q: Why do some hot tubs have a smelly chemical odour?
A: This is usually caused by improper water sanitation. Either too little or too much sanitizer can cause this issue.

Equipment Selection FAQ
What types of hot tub spas are there?
From the old style wood barrel hot tub of the 1960s to portable spas or full sized acrylic spas, there are a wide variety of models and sizes (and prices). Hot tub manufacturers source much of the equipment from 3rd party vendors. Brand name equipment indicates a more trusted collection of components. Look for brands such as Lucite, Aristech, Balboa, Waterway, Gecko, Del and others that have supplied the hot tub industry with quality components for many years.