Hot Tub Error Messages

Hot tub error messages can help narrow down an issue with the spa electronics or system.

Common spa systems that display some type of error message includes Balboa, Gecko, Spa Builders, Newport, CTI, Jacuzzi and Brett Aqualine.

Spa manufacturers or these equipment manufacturers are good sources for identifying particular error codes and messages.


Hot Tub Error Codes

spa pack hot tub troubleshootingHot tubs use a variety of spa electronics. One of the most popular manufacturers of hot tub equipment is Balboa Instruments now called Balboa Water Group.

Balboa ML900 control

The Balboa ML series contains some of the most advanced topside controls with a complete set of error messages and self-diagnostics. Other systems provide less comprehensive error messages, but still enough feedback to identify a particular issue.

Error messages may be similar across systems. Old style pressure switch systems would show a FLO or FLOW or FL error to indicate that the pressure switch needed calibration or that there was an obstruction or dirty filter in the line.

Error messages can help troubleshoot hot tub problems and get the spa running again.

Hot Tubs are the next best thing to travelHot Tub Control Panels Show Error Codes and Messages

Hot tub controls usually display current operating parameters such as the current temperature, whether a pump is running or a light is on etc.. But when an error occurs, small combinations of letters may populate the display instead. Common messages include:

  • warning of an overheat condition
  • warning of a freeze condition
  • pressure switch problems
  • sensor issues

The owners manual of most hot tubs contains the most common error messages for that particular system. There are also helpful online tips at Balboa and Gecko websites.

Hot Tubs CanadaCommon Balboa Error Messages and Error Codes

Common Gecko Error Codes:

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