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Usually, if a spa heater needs to be replaced, then the whole "spa heater" is replaced.

Sometimes, a tech will replace just the "heater element". That is the coil inside the heater tube and does not include the Manifold (heater tube) itself.

Replacing just the heater element is not advised because it is hard to get the epoxy seal to be 100% correct and also to align the element inside so it does not touch the inner walls of the heater manifold. A pro will not have an issue replacing an element, but if the heater is more than a few years old, it is best to replace the entire spa heater.

What's an M7 Heater?

That is a heater type spearheaded by Balboa Instruments and later BWG or Balboa Water Group that incorporates 2 M7 sensors inside the tube. These 2 sensors work together to establish safe operating conditions and report temperature, overlimit issues and other measurements back to the circuit board.

Standard, non-M7 heaters usually operate with an external pressure switch. This switch can either be mounted to the heater or in a separate plumbing piece next to the heater. It is a good idea to replace the pressure switch when replacing the heater.

Sensors are either built into the heater, or they can be external. For instance, a temperature sensor may be mounted to a thermowell (dry or wet) in the spa and take the water temperature measurement while the hi-limit sensor will usually be clipped to the spa heater to assure the heater tube does not reach excessive temperatures.

There are other configurations of heaters and sensors, but these are some of the most common.


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Spa Heaters

Hot Tub Pumps Canada spa pumpHot tub heaters in Canada will keep your spa water hot and at the desired temperature.

Sometimes a heater stops working or develops a short circuit. It may be time for a new heater if voltage is being passed to the heater from the control system or circuit board, but the spa won't heat.

Service technicians are recommended for any electrical work on hot tubs.

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Hot Tub Pump ImpellerHeater Elementss refer to just the inside part of the heater.

The element usually has 2 terminals that connect to the circuit board/control system.

Voltage is passed from the control system to the heater when the spa calls for heat. If the heater is a 120v heater, then voltage will be around 120v. If the heater is a 230v heater (most common), then there will be 220v-240v across the heater terminals.

The element is then energized and heats the water as the circulation pump circulates the water through the heater tube or manifold.

Sensors protect the operation and make sure temperatures stay in the safe operating range.

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Ultima 48 frame hot tub pump Trombone Heater

Well it does not make any brass type of sounds (or at least it shouldn't), but a trombone heater is usually a low-flow type heater connected to a 24 hour circ pump instead of the more typical flow through heaters that are connected to a larger 2-speed pump that operates on low speed for circulation and heating.

But hot tubs have all types of heaters, so when replacing one, it is best to check the heater label for the current operating voltage, kilowatt rating and other specifications to be sure you find the correct replacement.

Your friendly parts house will help you in case you need to send in pictures or other information to help identify the heater.

Many times, there is a part number right on the heater that you can enter into a search box and find the exact same one.

Jacuzzi hot tub heaters are made by several different manufacturers. Vulcan electric, Hayward, Therm Products and Balboa (BWG) are some of the more popular electric spa heaters.

For every brand name heater, there are no-name heaters that appear on the market for less.

Heaters should last for many, many years and are most affected by poor water chemistry or high pH readings.

Keeping pH in the ideal range of 7.2-7.6 can greatly decrease the chance of heater failure.

The initial symptoms of a broken spa heater are the inability of the spa to maintain spa temperature or the excessive cycling of the spa as it continuously tries to heat the water to the set temperature.

Titanium vs. incoloy heaters are considered more robust than their predecessors, but even if the heater coil, element and tube are made of the best materials, poor water quality is the number one reason why these components can fail. Incoloy heaters are just fine for the purpose of heating spa water.

See some of the sample heater listings below.


Heater Part Numbers Canada

CTI 5.5kw Heater 13 Inch CTI Heater C2550-2300ET Therm C2550-2300ET
Balboa 4kw Heater non M7 BAL50081 240V Balboa 50081
Flow-Thru Heater Manifold, 240/4000 204SC
Flow-Thru Heater Manifold, 240/4000, 15 inch 206
Flow-Thru Heater Manifold, 240/5500, 15 inch 209
Flow-Thru Heater Manifold, 240/4000, Curved Front Pak 206-C
Flow-Thru Heater Manifold, 240/5500, Curved Front Pak 209-C
Curved T style Heater Assembly for Arctic Spas Therm C2550-5251
Balboa 4kw Hot Tub Heater BAL58029 no sensor Balboa 58029
Balboa 5.5kw Hot Tub Heater BAL58027 no sensor Balboa 58027
Balboa 5.5kw Hot Tub Heater BAL58019 pressure switch sensor Balboa 58019
Balboa 5.5kw BAL58002 no sensors generic Balboa 58002
Balboa 4.0kw Hot Tub Heater with Sensors BAL58031 Balboa 58031
Balboa 58083 5.5kw heater with sensors M7 Balboa 58083
90" in straight out Heater Assembly Arctic C2550-5350
Gecko Flow-thru Heater Assembly for Arctic Spas Years 2007+ Gecko C2550-0103
Balboa 4kw Revolution Heater Assembly 55691 Balboa 55691
Flow-Thru Heater Manifold, 240/5500 210SC
Gecko IN.XM 4.0 kw Flow-Thru Heater Manifold Gecko 0603-409001
Hercules 4kw Spa Heater 240v Pre 95 XT Therm C2400-0315
Gecko IN.XE 4.0 kw Heater Manifold With Sensors 9920-101435
Gecko 5.5 KW Heater M-Class Therm C2550-0601
Gecko 4.0 KW Heater M-Class THP2400-0601 Therm C2400-0601
Gecko 4.0 KW Heater S-Class THP2400-0800ET Therm C2400-0800ET
Gecko 5.5 KW Heater S-Class THP2550-0800-2 Therm C2550-0800-2
Balboa 1.0kw Heater 120V BAL50069 Balboa 50069
Balboa 4kw 240v Spa Heater and Pressure Switch 50067 Balboa 50067
Balboa 5.5kw 240V Spa Heater 50080 Balboa 50080
Balboa 5.5kw 240V Spa Heater 50096 w Pressure Switch Balboa 50096
Balboa 4kw Hot Tub Heater BAL58048 Sensor Pressure Switch Balboa 58048
Balboa 4.0kw Hot Tub Heater BAL58031 Balboa 58103
Spa Builders 5.5 kw Heater LX-10 AP-4 SBS2-00-0052
Spa Builders 5.5 kw Heater LX-15 TEFLON SBS2-00-0109
Spa Builders 5.5kw Heater LX-15 LX-35 AP-1 EP-1 SBS2-00-0013
Coast Dual Element 5 kw Heater Therm C2500-3600
Coast Single Element 4.5 kw Heater 240v Therm C2450-3101
Hercules Pre 95 5.5KW 240V Spa Heater Therm C2550-0155
HydroQuip 5.5kw 240v Hot Tub Heater Therm C2550-0307
Jacuzzi J400 5.5kw 240v Spa Heater Therm C2550-0316
Sundance Jacuzzi Heater 5.5kw 240v Therm C2550-0119
Vita Spa Heater 4.5kw 240v Therm C2450-1008
LA Spas Heater 5.5kw Advanced Spas Therm C2550-0071
Gecko 4.0 KW Heater S-Class with Wires Therm C2400-0800-2
CTI Heater Manifold 4.0kW 240V Center Terminal Therm C2400-2311
CTI Heater Manifold 4.0kW 240V Offset Terminal 204BO
CTI Heater Manifold 4.0kW 240V Digital Signetic 206B
Gecko 5.5kW Heater Manifold S-Class Therm C2550-0800ET
Gecko 4 kW Heater Manifold M-Class Therm C2400-0601ET
Gecko 5.5 kW Heater Manifold M-Class Therm C2550-0601ET
1 kW 120V Spa Heater Icon JumpKing Therm C1100-0115
205LR L-Shaped Heater Assembly Replaces 1-205L and 1-205RA Microtech Heaters 205LR
CTI 4kw Heater 13 Inch CTI Heater Therm C2400-2300ET


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