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A few items can be sourced from your local hardware or big box store.

For example, you can buy a general sump pump/submersible pump from your local big box store and quickly drain any spa instead of relying on the slow flowing gravity hose systems most spa manufacturers include with their spas.

Whether a side drain or floor drain, it can take hours to drain a spa by gravity. With a submersible pump you can get for around $100, you simply put it in the top of the spa and drain all of the water away in about 10-15 minutes.

1/2 HP Clear Water Submersible Water Pump

Hot Tub Parts and Accessories

Spa Rubber DuckHot Tub Accessories

Whether you need spa steps, a spa cover lifter, spa vaccum or spa umbrella, finding your spa accessories online is convenient and easy.

Since most hot tub manufacturers build their spas from third party components, you can buy the same or similar replacement parts that fit your brand and type of spa online.

Hot Tubs are the next best thing to travelHot Tub Parts

Hot tub parts such as Cal Spa parts, Sundance spa parts, Jacuzzi spa parts, Vita spa parts or Marquis spa parts are available at your online hot tub parts specialist: The Hot Tub Canada.

Replace your balboa spa parts or spa jets, spa packs, hot tub covers, spa pumps or even a balboa instruments circuit board.

Keep your spa running in top shape with any needed hot tub part.

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Spa Fragrances

Spa fragrances are available in many scents and there is even a new line of spa fragrances just for kids.

The easiest way to add a spa fragrance is to get the liquid fragrances available in either individual pillow packs containing a single portion, or in larger bottles.