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spa fragrances for hot tubs

Hot Tub Fragrances

Hot tub fragrance can elevate your senses and transport you to a far away land or even into a different frame of mind.

These liquid spa scents are easily added directly to the water and are oil-free and foam-free which is ideal for hot tub use.

Special hot tub fragrances only made for hot tub use are formulated so that they don't gum up the filter or create excessive foaming issues.

Just a capful is enough to get into a festive mood!

Hot Tub Accessories

Hot Tub Pumps Canada spa pumpHot tub accessories can make the hot tub more usable and more fun!

Although you can get jumbo waterproof playing cards or even a floating duck, there are also very useful accessories for spas.

Try a floating chemical dispenser to hold the bromine or chlorine pucks, spa side table to hold refreshments or other personal materials, spa umbrella to give the spa some shade and a host of other hot tub accessories.

Hot Tub Pump ImpellerHot Tub Accessories also include steps, cover lifters, ozonator and hot tub chemicals.

Every 5-7 years a new cover also must be ordered. Towel holders, drink holders and hot tub LED lighting also make the spa more fun.

Hot tub fragrances are a popular accessory and are available in many different scents including new scents such as grape just for kids.

Hot tub fragrance is a fun and inexpensive way to create the perfect environment.

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Some hot tubs are outfitted with so called aromatherapy systems. These are mostly canisters that are plumbed in-line with the air blower. In order to get the fragrance to work in the spa, the air blower must be activated and a dry spa scent pouch must be inserted into the fragrance canister. The air from the blower then blows past the fragrance and adds it to the spa water via the air injectors.

Some spa accessories such as steps, cover and even cover lifter could be considered necessities or safety related features. Even a spa ozonator can reduce the amount of bromine or chlorine needed in the water.

Other accessories can be elaborate such as a complete gazebo or a surround deck around the spa. There are also hot tub bar accessories and bar stools as well as screens, sun shades and standing umbrellas.

Enjoy your hot tub and accessorize!