Hot Tub PVC Glue

Hot tub leaks can originate from bad pump seals, frozen pipes or just a leaky hose, fitting or pipe.

A fast curing PVC glue specially formulated for the repair of hot tub hoses, pipes and PVC connectors can make the repair job easy.

One little known trick to repairing PVC pipe connectors on a hot tub is to actually rotate the dabber (applicator that comes with the glue can) many times rapidly to build up heat around the connector.

This type of friction and heat actually helps the glue bond with the PVC connector and makes for a better, long term bond.

Some hot tub techs use a PVC primer to first prime the connector before applying the PVC glue, but applying the glue correctly is much more important than using primer.

If the area is not completely smooth, it can be sanded and primer can be used as well.

Once the two parts to be glued are pressed together, hold still for a few seconds before releasing it.

A slight twist when first inserting one part into the other will help make sure the glue is evenly distributed, but then don't keep rotating it back and forth - allow the glue joint to set.


Hot Tub PVC Glue and Repair

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Get the right hot tub glue and your repairs will last a long time.

hot tub water manifoldIndustry standard hot tub glue and cement for PVC connections usually comes with a built-in applicator so no external application guns are necessary to apply the glue. All that is needed is included in the can.

A test fit can be done first before applying any glue.

hot tub water manifoldFast Drying Glue

There are glues that take a long time to cure and dry. In Europe one is called Tangit. That may work, but the joint needs to remain still for hours, increasing the likelyhood something gets rattled or moved during the drying process.

Why not just use 5 minute glue that cures and is especially formulated for PVC pipe repairs.

Don't apply the glue around a joint and expect it to work, it needs to be applied to a part before connecting to the other part in order to work properly.

Hot Tubs CanadaHot Tub PVC glue can be found online at Canada's

Hot Tub PVC Leak Repair and Glue

Spa FragrancesHot tub PVC repair involves glueing two parts together. This is usually a hose and coupling or hose and manifold. It can also be a pipe an coupling or pipe and hose etc.. The point is to apply the glue to both parts and then when holding them together, add a fast twist and then hold still for a few seconds before letting go.

A pipe extender can help.

The procedure usually involves PVC cutters or a saw or hack saw to cut the hose or pipe. If there is an old connection, it can be cleaned with a primer/cleaner first, and also with sandpaper before applying glue.