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Spa Pack Replacement

Spa packs can refer to just the electronics box which houses the circuit board and heater, or the entire skid pack which includes pumps, external plumbing and even blower.

Whether you have a Beachcomber, Caldera, Cal Spas or other brand spa, many spa manufacturers use the same or similar components such as Newport, Gecko or Balboa spa packs, controls and electronics.

Balboa Spa Packs:

One note on ordering Balboa spa electronics is that you match the same type you had before. If the old system for example had a pressure switch on the heater, you will need to either replace the entire spa pack or get the same heater type as before if just having the heater replaced. Replacing spa equipment involves also hooking up the plugs and components once the items have been swapped.

Once all components are hooked up, the main power from the power source is hooked up. First, make sure again the power is turned off!

120V systems have 3 wires and 240V systems have 4 wires.

G is the green wire or ground which gets attached to the grounding lug on the spa pack. Line 1 is black. The middle is neutral or white. Line 2 power is red if it is a 4 wire system.

Before turning spa on, spa must be full of water and air must be purged from the system.

Spa Packs

Hot tub pump partsSpa packs are complete assemblies that contain spa electronics with circuit board, plumbing, heater and pump.

There are many different brands and types of spa packs including Balboa, Elm, Spa Builders and custom made spa packs.

WARNING: Electrical repairs should be made by qualified personel such as electricians or hot tub spa service technicians.

Replacement spa packs basically change out the entire operation of the main part of the spa. That is because the spa shell and cabinet last many more years than electronic or mechanical parts. In addition to replacing a spa pack, there may be a second pump, ozonator, blower and topside control to consider.

Hot Tub Pump ImpellerSpa Pack Components

Each part of the spa pack can be customized so that you have an entirely new control system.

A spa electronics control box contains the circuitry necessary to maintain spa logic. Typically you need to match a topside control to the control box. Functions that are controlled by the control box include pumps, circulation and filtration, light, ozonator, blower and auxiliary devices.

The electronics also analyze temperature and overlimit sensors and provide a signal to the heater when the spa should be heated.

Spa pack heaters can have pressure switches or contain internal sensors. When replacing spa packs, use the same KW rated heater.


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Spa Control Types

In the old days there were analog control systems, but recently most systems on the market are digital controls. The analog systems were maintained with air controls - basically a small hose with a push button on one end that sends a pulse of air to a switch.

Replacing the Spa Pack

Ordering the correct components is the most challenging part about replacing a spa pack.

The entire assembly then just drops in to place and requires only the hookup to the existing plumbing. Spa packs can be ordered so that plumbing is angled correctly to make retrofit easier.

Plumbing Size - Most spas have either 1 1/2 inch water plumbing or 2" plumbing. This is the first step to determine what type of spa pack you will need. Only qualified technicians should work on spa electrics. The first step to any repair involving the swapping out of electrical components is to make sure the power is off by disconnecting all power to the spa.

Replacing a spa pack requires draining the spa. Faster draining can be accomplished with a submersible pump found in any garden store or big box retailer. Next, disconnect all cables for the pumps and components and remove the old topside control. Remove the pump unions and heater unions with channel locks or othe large pliers.

After mounting the base properly the PVC connections need to be glued using PVC glue so the plumbing hooks back up to the unions that connect the spa pack.

When putting a spa pack together you will need to know if you want a 1pump, 2 pump or even 2 pump plus a circ pump system, what your plumbing size is, what the control voltage is (110V or 230V), what size pump/HP you need, whether you want a blower. Consult with your parts house or online hot tub parts vendor to confirm your part needs.

A new spa pack and topside control can instantly turn an older, non-functioning spa into a working hot tub with new controls and upgraded featers. Your hot tub spa pack online store can help you put together the right pack for your spa.

hot tub controlWhen a topside control panel acts up, the problem may actually be with the circuit board. When replacing an entire spa pak, be sure to get the correct control panel to match the pack.


*info above is only provided for knowledge enrichment or entertainment and is not a how-to guide for inexperienced repair personel. When making any kind of electrical repair, rely on your neighborhood spa repair professional.