Hot Tub Circ Pump

Hot Tub Circulation Pump Troubleshooting

From the Aqua Flo Circ Master to the Waterway circ pumps, the circulating pumps found in many spas can sometimes require repair or replacement.

Aquaflo, ITT Laing, Waterway and Hydroair among other brands can be found online.

The Laing E10 is considered a low flow circ pump while the Aqua Flo is one of the newer high flow circ pumps.

Seal kits are available for many hot tub circ pumps if there is a leak. Many replacement circ pumps are UL, CSA and CE approved.

The circ pump plumbing is usually smaller than the main plumbing found in the spa. This can be a 3/4 inch barbed fitting that hooks up to flex hose, so replacing the circ pump is easy.

Although it is said circ pumps save money because they draw less amperage, they also run for 24 hours a day, so the electrical consumption vs. that of a 2 speed pump filtering 2-3 hours every 12 hours but drawing more amps is about the same.

Circ pump ratings come as low as 1/16 HP. Recirculation pumps are sometimes also used to feed an external heat exchanger that is hooked up to solar, gas or another energy source to compliment or replace the electrical flow through heater commonly found in portable spas.

Circulation Pumps for Spas

Hot Tub Pumps Canada spa pumpHot Tub circulation pumps are sometimes used in spas instead of the low speed of the two speed pump to provide for water circulation.

Benefits of circulation pumps are that they keep the water moving 24 hours a day. Drawbacks may be that they are sometimes not strong enough to properly filter the water. Recent developments in hot tub manufacturing call for larger sized circulation pumps that do the job.

Circulation pumps for spas or circ pumps, can develop problems including leaks or burned out motors.

Replacing the circulation pump instead of repairing it is often the course of action taken, especially on older spas.

Hot Tub Pump ImpellerCirculation Pump Repair

When a hot tub repair is needed find parts and service online.

When a repair is attempted for circulation pumps for spas, a seal kit is often available that contains brand new pump seals to fix a leaking circ pump.

Circulation pumps for hot tubs include Waterway, Grundfos, Hydroair and Laing among others. From Silent Flow pumps to larger Vico 48 frame circulation pumps, there is a wide assortment available


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When a hot tub pump problem crops up, get it fixed and get back to relaxing and enjoying your spa!


Sometimes circulation pumps can be upsized when replacing the unit if better circulation is desired than the predecessor.

One of the most famous circulation pumps in the hot tub industry is the little red Waterway Tiny Might Circ Pump used in thousands of spas worldwide. Newer versions of this popular circ pump are made with an upgraded plastic housing material with a larger motor housing for improved ventilation to keep the motor running cooler. The motor bearings have also been upgraded and the motor shaft is stainless steel to avoid rust problems that plagued older circ pump models.

Circ pumps are typically smaller than main pumps, although there is a recent trend to sizing them larger in order to provide better water flow and filtration.

This may counter the idea that a small silent pump can satisfy the spa's circulation needs to keep the water clear without creating any noise or wasting electricity.

As circ pumps become larger, they become a bit louder and also consumer more energy to the point where a 2-speed pump that provides circulation duty on low speed may be a better and more economical alternative. When the two speed pump does provide circulation, even the low speed is much more powerful than typical flow rates on dedicated circ pumps. This creates better filtration through the spa filter, and the duration of the pump filtration can usually be set on the topside control panel for optimum circulation to keep the water clean.

Either way, the water remains filtered and clean when allowed sufficient time to cycle through the hot tub filter. The filter should also be cleaned regularly to avoid excessive particle accumulation which can make the filter pump have to work harder to achieve the same results.

Eventually, leaving a clogged filter in place may damage the filter pump itself or cause a circulation problem or insufficient flow across the heater.

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