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hot tub pumps may develop a leak, become noisy or stop working. First take steps to isolate the problem and make sure the issue is with the pump and not another spa component.

Be sure to disconnect power before working on any spa or appliance and contact a service tech if the repair is beyond your ability to complete it safely.

If the problem is not with the GFCI tripping, is there an error message on the topside display? That will be the first clue as to what the problem can be. It is normal for the pump to start on its own during the normal filter cycle.

Pump is Surging

This is usually caused by air in the system either during a new spa fill or if the water level was allowed to get too low and air is being sucked into the system. If that is the case, simply refill the spa to the correct water level.

If there is a leak in the plumbing system, air may be getting in that way too, or there was just an air pocket that occured when the spa was refilled. This trapped air usually will clear out by itself as the pump continues to try to prime the system, but if not may require opening up one of the heater unions a little in order to bleed air out of the system and then retighten.

Avoid overtightening the heater union to avoid cracking it, and avoid loosening it so much that it comes off which will unleash a torrent of water inside the spa cabinet. Simply loosening the unit a bit to allow water to seep out is enough to purge the heater of air should that be necessary. This is usually done by hand if the union was only hand tightened, or may require a large set of channel locks or pliers to loosen and retighten the union.

There may also be a reset button on your particular pump.

Arctic spa pump fuse

If the pump is not working at all, there is also a pump/main 30A fuse on the circuit board, or there could be a loose wire. As long as the pump is getting the proper voltage from the circuit board, then the problem is most likely the pump wiring or pump motor itself.

Arctic Spas Pumps Canada

Hot Tub Pumps Canada spa pumpMany Arctic Spas now use a 2 speed, 4HP pump as the main spa pump.

This is pump 1 as some of the pump 2 (and pump 3) spa pumps used by Arctic Spas are only 1 speed pumps which are different.

Although you can just buy the pump wet end, or pump motor as needed, most of the time you will want the complete replacement pump.

If your pump is being replaced during the warranty period, know that it may still cost you money as "Arctic Spas pays out warranty at a rate of $60.00 for on-site labour per problem. If the customer prefers, they can have a third party service department diagnose the spa and let Arctic know what parts are required." So the most they will cover is $60 labor and only during the warranty period if the selling dealer does not provide the service. If you will DIY the repair, simply source the part online.


Hot Tub Pump ImpellerBuy Replacement Parts for Arctic Spas online
You may also get free shipping on parts purchased at discount online parts stores for your Arctic Spa.

Arctic spa models include Avalanche, Cub, Fox, Frontier, Glacier, Klondiker, Kodiak, Summit, Tundra and Yukon among others. Get your spa repaired quickly and enjoy your Arctic Spas hot tub!


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Ultima 48 frame hot tub pump

The Klondiker and other Arctic Spas use a 4HP White Water spa pump which is really an EMG motor mounted to a wet end. Arctic does provide a 5 year warranty on electronics but you have to view the fine print in the detailed pump warranty. If your spa is older than that and you need a replacement Waterway 56 frame, 4HP pump, you can buy it online.

Pump Problems

What can cause pump problems? Some may argue on forums that the heat retention may cause premature wear of pumps and electronic components by making them more prone to overheating while others will counter that argument. Most likely the cause of early pump failure may have its roots with improper water chemistry that can attack any brand pump seal and other plumbing components.

To avoid expensive repair bills, keep the spa filter clean and keep the water maintained with proper pH level between 7.2-7.6.

If the pump shaft is spinning and the reset button on the pump is in, then the opening the union a little will get rid of the air lock as per info in the left sidebar. This purges air and pump may take a few minutes until it is working properly and the air is out.


Pump union on Arctic spas tubNote that even though you or your dealer may be reimbursed $60 per occurence for a pump failure during the warranty period, that warranty may also be negated by "Warranty will be void if the tub is damaged by improper chemical balance, ice in the spa, overheating the spa.", but the company does make efforts to stand behind its warranty.

Most likely if you need a pump, it will be out of warranty because pumps should last 5 years without issue in most any hot tub as long as the water chemistry has been maintained in the spa and we support all Canadian manufacturers of quality hot tubs.

Arctic Spas offer the Onzen salt water system which is warranted for 2 years or a Peak Ozone ozonator as an upgrade to help maintain water quality.

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