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are available for shipment by either courier or a parcel service. Many times the shipping on spa covers is discounted or even free!

In Canada,
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Beachcomber Spa Covers Canada

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Prepare your spa for the Canadian winter with a good quality spa cover to save energy and keep your hot tub water - hot!

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Just like many other hot tub manufacturers, Beachcomber Spas do not make their own hard covers but get the supply from a third party manufacturer. There are many quality hard cover manufacturers in North America. Buying from a Canadian manufacturer assures you will be buying from a company that is mindful of Canadian winters.

Beachcomber Spas Cover Measurements
round hot tub cover BeachcomberMeasure the length and width of the cover.

Measure the diameter when the cover is round.

Rectangular Covers - squared corners:
If the spa has square corners and no indentations, then only the length and width is needed along with the skirt length (the amount of fabric left hanging around every side).

Cover Taper
For Canadian winters the hard cover should be a tapered cover so that water and melting snow and ice can run off. Covers are bigger in the center.

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The best choice for cover thickness is either a 4 inch thick or 5 inch thick cover that tapers down to either 3 or 4 inches at the edge. When using a thicker 5 inch cover, energy savings can be substantial, but the cover may also be heavier than can comfortably be handled by one person. So a cover lifter can solve that problem as shown above.

The best combination is a 5 inch thick winter cover along with a cover lifter.

How to Measure the Beachcomber spa cover “Skirt Length”

The “skirt” length of your Beachcomber hot tub refers to the amount of material hanging over the edges. This part of the cover should protect your spa shell, so make sure it is long enough for no acrylic to be exposed to harsh sunlight that can damage acrylic, but short enough not to get caught on any cabinet toprail that may run around the perimeter of some Sundance spa models.

If you have any questions, ask your online store representative for assistance when ordering.

Hot Tubs CanadaGet your Beachcomber Spa hot tub cover in Canada - or most any Beachcomber Spas hot tub part or accessory you need to keep your Beachcomber hot tub in Canada operating properly.

Spa covers in Canada are exposed to the elements such as harsh winds, snow, sleet, hail, ice and also direct sunlight. Covers typically can last about 5-7 years. Choosing a cover that has a higher foam density will help it weather heavier snow loads. It is always a good idea to clear off freshly fallen snow after a storm so that it does not break the cover or create unnecessary wear on the cover.

Some of the most popular Beachcomber cover colours include slate gray, cabernet, teakwood, sapphire, noir, teal, taupe and other popular shades. Other colours include white, tan, green and brown.

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Covers are marine grade, high quality and energy saving. The better foam density (at least 1.5 instead of 1 pound foam) means the cover has less chance of cracking or breaking as it is more rigid. Although the standard factory cover is a 4"-2" taper, that is quite thin along the edges of the spa for a Canadian winter. So the 4"-3" taper is a better choice when ordering a replacement cover as the minimum thickness recommended. The other option is the extra thick 5"-4" cover.

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