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Spa covers are available for immediate shipment by either courier or a parcel service. Many times the shipping on spa covers is discounted or even free!

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How to Measure Radius?

For rounded corners, measure the Corner by placing a carpenter's square at the corner and measuring the distance between the point where the spa cover starts to curve and the point where the cover would have ended at the corner if it was not curved.

Or use any straight-edged object like a yardstick or a strip of plywood to find the point where the 2 sides would intersect if there was not rounded edge.
Simply place the straight edged object along one side and measure to it with your tape measure from the point where the spa cover starts to curve.

It is better to measure for a slightly smaller radius to avoid the corners not fitting. A smaller radius leaves more material around the corner.

Cal Spa Hot Tub Covers Canada

Replacement cover for Cal Spas Canada Get discount Cal Spa replacement hard covers including Free Shipping anywhere in Canada.

Spa Rubber DuckNeed a replacement cover for your Cal Spa in Canada? Take your old cover measurements to makes sure you get the right cover.

Spa manufacturers sometimes change cover suppliers or even make modifications to the same model name spa. In order to avoid getting the wrong cover, even if you know the model name of the spa, it is best to measure your current cover.

Cal Spa Hot Tub Cover Measurements
Depending on the shape of your cover, you will need to take a few different measurements.

Rectangular Covers - squared corners:
Measure the length and width of the cover.

Rectangular Covers - rounded corners:
Measure the length and width of the cove.
Also measure the radius (see sidebard) of the cover corners.

Cut Corners - straight edges
Just measure each side length. Usually cut corners on opposite sides of the cover will be of the same length, but best to draw out the cover shape and measure each edge.

Hot Tubs are the next best thing to travelCal Spa Hot Tub Cover Measurements

For any round spa, simply measure the diametre of the cover.

When ordering a Cal Spa replacement hard cover for Canada, it is wise to invest in a better quality cover with 4-3" taper and 2lb. foam density to better withstand the Canadian winters. Although many Cal Spas come standard with 3-2" taper, the 4-3" taper is a thicker cover and more appropriate for northern climates, saving you electricity costs.

How to Measure the spa cover “Skirt Length”

The “skirt” length of a spa cover is the amount of vinyl material that you want to have hanging down around the edges of the cover to protect the acrylic surface of the spa. It should cover your spa shell’s lip. Spa cover skirt length will normally be between 2”- 5” for most Cal Spa hot tubs. Your preference is what is important as some spa owners want to cover just the shell’s lip, while other hot tub owners want it to drape down a bit further.

Hot Tubs CanadaGet your Cal Spa hot tub cover in Canada - or most any Cal Spa hot tub part or accessory you need to keep your Cal Spa in Canada running smoothly.

Cal Spa hot tub coverSpa covers can wear down for many reasons. Over the winter months in Canada,snow and ice accumulate on the cover and chip away at the cover core as well as the vinyl cover jacket.

Expect your spa cover to last 5-7 years with proper care. This includes cleaning off accumulating snow and ice regularly in Winter, taking care when removing and replacing the cover, and not placing heavy objects on, or sitting on the spa cover. (If you want to sit on your spa cover, you can get extra strong: "walk on spa covers" which are in the $500+ price range.

Some of the most popular Cal Spa cover colours include brown or rust, gray and slate. Other colours are navy blue, teal, hunter green or other custom colour such as black or white.

The Cal Spa Avalon series has 84x84" covers and also a "93-"130 cover for the Avalon A969L model.

The Cal Spa Classic Series has 93x93" covers, or a 93" octagon. The large CE-56 model uses a 96x135" cover. Other cover sizes in this series include 93x130" and 64x84" for the CL-25 model. The CV-34 uses an 84x93" cover.

In the Cal Spa Fitness Series, the F2400 uses a 96” x 169” spa cover , the F2500 uses 93” x 206” cover and the F4700 uses 96” x 202”size hot tub cover.

The Cal Spa Family II Series includes a 78" round cover for the FII515B spa and a 43"x83" cover for the FII518B. The FII520B uses a 54x78" cover and the FII730 and FII745 models use a square 84x84" hard cover.
The FII830 and FII845 utilize a 93x93" cover.

The Cal Spa Galaxy Series (GX49) uses 93x93" covers.

For the Victory Xtreme Series